About Crescent

The Crescent Education Society, a registered body was established in May 1977, with a view to promote and establish educational institutions particularly for the children of minorities and weaker sections of the society. The first such institute, namely the Crescent school started in 1977 on a plot adjacent to the famous Zeenatul Masajid, Daryaganj. The second school started functioning in a newly constructed building at Maujpur in July 1996.

The school aims at providing child centered quality education and excellence in all fields, Curricular and co-curricular, ensuring optimum physical, mental analytical, secular and moral growth for holistic and integrated personality development.

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Message From The Manager

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Message From The Vice Principal

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Vision & Mission

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Fundamental for education & growth

  1. Personal, Social & Emotional development
  2. Communication and Language
  3. Academics
  4. Physical Development
  5. Understanding the world
  6. Expressive art & Design


Personal, Social & Emotional development

The developmental changes that typically occur in adolescence have been documented extensively in literature that is widely accessible. We follow each area of development that is intertwined with the other–physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development–along with sociocultural and environmental influences and experiences.


Communication and Language

A language consists of signs, symbols, and words. These are the main elements of any language. Our focus point of communication is the message. Moreover, we know that communication’s main activity. That’s why we encourage our students not only communication also focuses on the message.



Crescent inculcates the experiential learning cycle that promotes the concepts of leadership via academics. The curriculum is combination in the form of subject based, theme based and project-based learning.


Physical Development

Modern education attaches a lot of importance to co-curricular activities as they help in the all-round development of the student. Education is so designed and planned that it helps in bringing out the latent talents of the students.


Understanding the world

Learning should never be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. At Crescent, we promote learning through outdoor experiences by regularly organising trips. These are the perfect way to extend child development.


Expressive art & Design

Class room teaching becomes more effective if it is combined with outdoor activities, where the student gets a first-hand knowledge of what they study in the classroom. It broadens their outlook and gives them a sense of pride in their country and an opportunity to see for themselves its varied culture and traditions.

Student Acknowledgement Ceremonies

Commencement Ceremony

As the young leaders of tomorrow get ready to turn a new page of their book of life, Crescent takes the opportunity to acknowledge the outgoing batch. Here, each students gets a citation that highlights his/her talents and achievements of the years spent at Crescent.

Academic Excellence

To honour and acknowledge the students who perform par excellence in the field of academics, Academic Excellence Awards is, a grandiose affair, organised every year wherein our school awards the toppers for excelling in academics and other significant academics fields.

Sports Day Prize Distribution

The school has initiated a sports day every year, under various categories and the student are awarded prizes. This has been done to promote the methods of activity-based education. The society have been allocated display boards which are used as a medium to exhibit current subject related topics or focus on important issues.

Appreciation day

Appreciation Day is an event, meant to give recognition/encouragement to our students. It helped students create a Recognition in their class with significant impacts on student retention, performance, and the ability to attract talent.

Toppers of Crescent School(2022-23)

The Management, Vice Principal and Staff members heartily Congratulate the students for achieving 100% result in CBSE Examination, 2022-23. We wish you all a bright future ahead.


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Message From Vice Principal

The student’s diary is a valuable link between child’s learning at school and his activities at home. It keeps you informed about your ward’s progress and participation in classroom learning and out-of-class activities in school. The school expects you to go through the diary every day and enthusiastically respond to the messages/suggestions written by the educator. The child can forget doing his / her duties but the parents are always supposed to be alert and concerned in supervising in view, we are listing below the following instructions to be noted carefully by the parents.