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The M.D. Desk

Heartly congratulation to all Crescentians for accomplishing 25 successful years-years which were full of struggles and efforts. We started from scratch and have risen to carve a niche for ourselves, but have a long way to go celebrate Golden, diamond and Platinum Jubilees.

The world has become a global village and presents innumerable challenges to the students. We need to keep pace with the times. We must have the wish to learn and make progress and to become scientifically and economically at par with the entire world. Islam has never been a barrier to acquiring knowledge. It appreciates the intellectual activities of man to such a degree as to place him above the angels.

Crescent is a movement initiates by concerned social workers, educationists and academicians to start an English medium public school for the children living in the walled city of Delhi. It gives the educationally the backward citizens an opportunity to send their children to a standard institute. The Crescent School has tried its level best in maintaining the standard of education during the last 25 years but aspire to achieve higher goals in future.

In the words of Maulana Rumi:

“We are like waves, rest is our death
We are alive but not to rest.”

Jamalo Ka Bagh, Maujpur, Delhi 110053

011 22185250